Everlane in Hypebeast

Today retailers like Everlane, Warby Parker, and Bonobos lead the charge against these artificially-high prices. Each organization is focused on selling designer-quality goods at low prices: Everlane specializes in apparel, Warby Parker concentrates on eyewear, and Bonobos focuses on pants. All of them bypass expensive licensing fees and do everything themselves: design, manufacturing, branding, and retail. Essentially, they’ve cut out the middlemen and retail store costs that play into the logical cause of huge markup. (This is not to ignore the additional markup high-quality brands use to create exclusivity and perceived value.)

Each one does things differently from each other: for example, Everlane has three unique traits:

  • Everlane sells four types of goods every month (each one under $100 USD), each of a different variety. For example, in the first month, Everlane could be selling knapsacks, shades, beanies and cardigans. The following month will have none of those items in stock; instead, the only items available will be hoodies, bow ties, leather belts (at-cost sometimes!), and sleeveless tees.
  • The company manufactures in small batches, so consumers know that there’s a chance that Everlane may run out of that month’s stock if they bide their time ruminating about a purchase.
  • Loyal Everlane customers, thus, aren’t exposed to the same ole’ pair of jeans every month; they get the opportunity to purchase items that they haven’t seen before. Everlane gets loyal customers that are very enthusiastic to re-purchase items next month.